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Imaging-based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies for Prostate Cancer in the Coming Decades

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to invite you to the lecture that will be given by Prof. Anwar PADHANI this Thursday October 5, 5:15 PM at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc and King Albert II Institute of Cancer.

Attendance is free but registration is mandatory.

See attached announcement.

Accreditation is requested (E&E).

Kindest regards,
Frédéric Lecouvet, Bertrand Tombal and Jean-Pascal Machiels 

  • Prof. Anwar PADHANI is an internationally recognized Oncological Radiologist at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, London, UK.
  • He is Professor of Cancer Imaging at the Institute of Cancer Research, London.
  • He is a trustee of the International Cancer Imaging Society and co-chair of the International Prostate PI-RADS committee.
  • Prof. Padhani has a passion for teaching, having delivered over 400 lectures at scientific and educational meetings.
  • To his credit, he been awarded several education awards including outstanding teacher and many honoured educator awards.
  • Prof. Padhani has a 90+ H-Index having published 500+ citable articles.


From Oct 5, 2023 - 17:15
Until Oct 5, 2023