Persbericht BVAS/BVR naar aanleiding van het arrest 56/2024 van het Grondwettelijk Hof

Communiqué de presse ABSyM/SBR suite à l’arrêt 56/2024 de la Cour constitutionnelle

Would you too like to work 2 - 4 weeks in Iceland or the Caribbean?

L’ABSyM saisit la Cour constitutionnelle avec les radiologues

BVAS trekt samen met radiologen naar het Grondwettelijk Hof

IAEA Noninvasive Cardiology Protocols Study (INCAPS 4)

Application for the The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Programme of the International Atomic Energy Agency is now open

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging & Healthcare - September 15th, 2023 - Bruges

The Belgian Museum of Radiology Inspires the Art

Rotterdam Radiology Artificial Intelligence Cursus 2023 - June 22nd-23rd, 2023 - Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Call for papers BSR Section Meeting Chest – Antwerp University Hospital


7ème Journée de Radiologie Pédiatrique Pratique - Imagerie du nouveau-né et du nourrisson - 22 avril 2023

Save the date - 10/06/23 emeritaatsviering Prof. Dr. L. Defreyne

4th MSI MRI course: from Anatomy to Pathology - February 2023

Photos BSR Annual Symposium 2022

ESR eBook for Undergraduate Education in Radiology

Interventionele Radiologie Basiscursus 2022-23 Deel 3: Trauma, Bloeding en Vasculaire Malformaties

PRVU Mammografische beeldvorming @ UA - 20/10/2022

BSR annual meeting 2022 programme

Longkankerscreening Symposium vrijdag 7 oktober 2022

Definitief programma IR Deel II: orgaan & bottumoren 21/10/2022

Postgraduaat Radiologie van de Vlaamse Universiteiten – academiejaar 2022-2023

Vascular symposium: What about Endoleaks? December 3rd 2022, Leuven

European Liquid Embolic Course 2023 - October 27th-29th 2022 - Dijon, France

GEST 2022 - Embolotherapy for Joint Diseases and MSK sport Injuries - Paris Januari 20-21 2023

PRUV programme

Erasmus Course on MRI - Upcoming Courses 2022/2023

The role of fetal brain magnetic resonance imaging in current fetal medicine - PhD defence Michael Aertsen

Interventionele Radiologie Cursus 2022-2023, 2de Cyclus, 13-14/05/2022

4th Leuven Course on Head and Neck Imaging: From Symptom to Diagnosis 9-11/06/2022

AZ Delta -symposium radioprotectie 5de editie


WHO-ISR-WFPI World TB Day 2022 Scientific Symposium - 24/03/2022

Belgian Stroke Council Scientific Workshop 30/09/2022 - Save the date!

Arthritis imaging book

A new authorative and pratical book by prof. dr Lennart Jans and Min Chen (Eds) with various contributions from many Belgian radiologists.

International Workshop on Breast Imaging 22-25/05/2022

Cardiac CT and MR Imaging Workshop 14-15/04/2022

The Bayer Radiology Academy is proud to announce its CT and CMR workshop on state-of-the-art techniques to diagnose ischemic heart disease, on the 14 th and 15 th of April 2022.

JFICV 2022 - Namur

C'est avec un grand plaisir que nous vous invitons aux Journées Francophones d'Imagerie Cardio-Vasculaires et Interventionnelles 2022 qui auront lieu à Namur en Belgique du 16 au 18 juin 2022.

BSR 2022 membership renewal

ESR-BSR membership coupling

BSR annual symposium 2021

Dear all, A great selection of the lectures as given during our live 2021 annual symposium in Brussel are available for our members.

Photos BSR Annual Symposium 2021 - First impressions - Remaining photos will follow

BSR 2021 meeting is proceeding

MSUS Comprehensive course & individual hands-on training - December 11/12, Brussels

33rd ESGAR Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course / May 31 to June 3 2022

ESTI 2021 Winter Course 9-10/12/2021

Erasmus Head & Neck course Brugge 2022

Joint meeting Neuroradiologie BSR & Nederlandse vereniging van Neuroradiologie

MRI of Joint Disorders: from Anatomy to Pathology - November 13/14 2021

Interventionele Radiologie Basiscursus 19/11/2021 - Deel IV

PRVU programma 2021-2022

Journée Liégeoise de Radiologie 11/09/2021

7th Belgian Multiple Sclerosis Symposium October 30th 2021

Pont d'Oye - Imagerie de la jonction cervico-thoracique 19-20/11/2021

ESHNR Masterclass 2021 December 9-11 2021

ESHNR 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting – Online Edition | September 2-4

CONFIRMED: Erasmus Abdominal & Urogenital course 2021: September 21-24, Brussels

The value of PRP in treatment of tendinopathies and other sports injuries

AI in Medical Imaging - 3 dedicated webinars in June, September and October 2021

RADAR AZ Delta Symposium radioprotectie 4e editie

European Study on Clinical Diagnostic Reference Levels for X-ray Medical Imaging

BSR registrations problems?

BeCare magazine online

Update on Neuroimaging 2022 - new date

6ème Journée de Radiologie Pédiatrique Pratique

Joint BSR-ESR membership activated

BSR Plenary Meeting postponed

Update in Neuro Imaging - Young Radiologist Electronic Poster Powerpoint Exhibition

Examination session for the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) 2021

BSR Section Interventional Radiology on-line meeting, Friday 29/01/2021

First announcement - "50 Years of CT" movie

Museum of Radiology call for books

ESR - BSR concurrent membership 2021

Section Interventional Radiology online meeting postponed

Section Interventional Radiology - 1st Edition of ELEC

Annual SBS-BVS meeting

New biomarkers in breast cancer: perspectives for the clinicians

Cardiac section - free SFICV webinar offering

Section Interventional Radiology - 18/12/2020

call for papers

Registration problems - YRS & Imaios

A brief review of FAQ we received lately.

Accreditation annual BSR meeting 2020

Prof. dr. René van Tiggelen laureate of Antoine Béclère medal 2020

BSR annual symposium 2020 has ended

The first virtual Annual Meeting of the BSR took place on 14-11-2020.

Reminder Section Pediatric Radiology

online meeting 03/12/2020

Election results BSR 2020

The final election results can be found below.

New BSR website goes Live!

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