The value of PRP in treatment of tendinopathies and other sports injuries

AI in Medical Imaging - 3 dedicated webinars in June, September and October 2021

RADAR AZ Delta Symposium radioprotectie 4e editie

European Study on Clinical Diagnostic Reference Levels for X-ray Medical Imaging

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BeCare magazine online

Update on Neuroimaging 2022 - new date

6ème Journée de Radiologie Pédiatrique Pratique

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BSR Plenary Meeting postponed

Update in Neuro Imaging - Young Radiologist Electronic Poster Powerpoint Exhibition

Examination session for the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) 2021

BSR Section Interventional Radiology on-line meeting, Friday 29/01/2021

First announcement - "50 Years of CT" movie

Museum of Radiology call for books

ESR - BSR concurrent membership 2021

Section Interventional Radiology online meeting postponed

Section Interventional Radiology - 1st Edition of ELEC

Annual SBS-BVS meeting

New biomarkers in breast cancer: perspectives for the clinicians

Cardiac section - free SFICV webinar offering

Section Interventional Radiology - 18/12/2020

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Registration problems - YRS & Imaios

A brief review of FAQ we received lately.

Accreditation annual BSR meeting 2020

Prof. dr. René van Tiggelen laureate of Antoine Béclère medal 2020

BSR annual symposium 2020 has ended

The first virtual Annual Meeting of the BSR took place on 14-11-2020.

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Election results BSR 2020

The final election results can be found below.

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