General conditions

General conditions of the Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR) - Belgische Vereniging voor Radiologie (BVR) - Société Belge de Radiologie (SBR)


The Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR) is a Professional Union with company number 0471.318.644 and VAT number 0471.318.644.
The initial bylaws have been substantially amended and replaced by the bylaws published in the Annexes of the Belgisch Staatsblad / Moniteur belge on 16/01/2014.
The head office of this organisation is in Avenue de la couronne 20, 1050 Brussels; Tel.: (02) 649 21 47; Fax: (02) 649 26 90; E-mail:

1. Scope and exemptions

These conditions apply to the service providing and services which the members could benefit from.
These conditions apply to any order made by the member, who by the sole fact of placing the order accepts them.
The exemptions to these General Conditions shall only apply to the Professional Union by way of a written confirmation from the Professional Union, even if they are mentioned on documents issued by the member or by representatives of the Professional Union.
Even in such a case, the provisions of these Conditions for which there is no written and express derogation remain fully in force.

2. Offers and order confirmations

The offers merely serve as sources of information, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.
They can be made by way of a written letter or mentioned on the website.
Only members who are up-to-date with their contributions can access them after typing in their personal password.
Any order from a member shall only be taken into account after agreeing to the General Conditions of the Professional Union.
The order shall be confirmed and validated by the member or the hospital (in case of multiple orders) after payment of the price owed.
The payment of an advance sum or of a deposit shall not validate the order, subject to exceptions.
A written confirmation of the order shall be sent by email following receipt of payment.
An invoice for receipt of the amount due will be issued with the name of the member who has asked for it during the reservation.
The program and the time table of the ordered services shall be sent with this confirmation.
Any order placed by a member is named and therefore can not be transferred to another member.
In case of a multiple order (for example by a hospital), the list of names of the stakeholders will be sent in order to make sure they have paid their member contribution.
No sponsorship by another member is allowed.

3. Availability

In case of a services offer for which the number of places is limited, the reservations shall be taken into account on a "first paid first served" basis.
Any reservation for which no payment has been made will not be taken into account.
In case of dispute, the payment date shall be the reference date.
Any claims due to possible or alleged errors of the order confirmation shall, under penalty of foreclosure, be notified to the Professional Union within eight days from the date of confirmation.

4. Prices

The price of a service providing varies depending on the status of the member.
The prices are set by the management board and can not be negotiated.
In case of a multiple order, the price is made up of the price owed for a single order multiplied by the number of orders.
No discount shall be granted in case of a multiple order.
In the event that, between the order confirmation and the enforcement, the price rises because of a currency change, because of an income rise or because of any other measures taken by the national or foreign authorities, the Professional Union shall have the right to charge the member for these rises, provided that it does not lead to a rise of the agreed price of more than 20%.
Should the rise be higher, the member shall be entitled to waive his order, without being entitled to any form of compensation.
In the event that, on an exceptional basis, a non-member is authorized to place an order, the Professional Union shall be able to increase the price charged of 300% of the amounts required to members who have paid their contributions.

5. Payments

Any order shall be subject to an electronic payment via the website or via a paper credit transfer form.
Electronic payments are secured via OGONE SPRL. Credit and debit cards are accepted.
Electronic payments will be increased by 3% to cover administrative costs.

6. Default

Subject to exceptions, the services are payable while placing the order.
In the event of payment instalments, any unpaid amount in due time will automatically and without prior service of default accrue interest at an 8% per year rate.
In addition, any unpaid due amount during the fortnight after the sending of a formal letter of demand by registered letter shall automatically and without prior service of default accrue interest at a 10% rate with a minimum of €50 in compensation for the costs incurred, in order to cover the extra-judicial collection costs without prejudice to the legal charges and procedural compensation.

7. Cancellation and repayment

Any member can cancel his order in writing, under the following conditions:

  • The cancellation of an order more than 15 working days before the start of the service providing can be enforced, without justification nor costs, excluding administrative charges set at 3% of the order price. In that case, the administrative charges paid during the electronic payment shall be definitively acquired. If the payment is made by paper transfer, a 3% charge to cover administrative costs shall apply.
  • The cancellation of an order between 10 and 15 days before the beginning of the services providing shall lead to the repayment of 50% of the paid amount, after administrative costs are subtracted, as specified above.
  • The cancellation of an order less than 10 days before the start of the services providing shall not lead to any repayment, unless it is justified by serious medical reasons or by a force majeure (death). In this case, the repayment is limited to 50% of the paid price, after administrative costs are subtracted. The board shall decide at its sole discretion the reasons cited and the right to a potential repayment.

Any repayment claim will be made in writing and sent to the head office of the Organisation with a copy via email to the secretariat and the treasurer.
If without prior notice the member does not come to an event which has been ordered, he shall not be entitled to any form of repayment.

8. Suspension/Cancellation

The non-payment of the due amounts allows the Professional Union to suspend the existing orders ipso jure without prior notice.
Furthermore, the non-payment of a due amount leads to the cancellation of the order ipso jure and without prior notice.

9. Exemption – force majeure

The Professional Union can not be held responsible for any amendment or last minute cancellation of the scientific programs nor for the absence of one or several speakers nor for other force majeure cases, against its will.
The Professional Union reserves its right to cancel some service providing or services in case there are not enough participants.
The same goes in case of time off, strike, war, riot, flood, fire, frost, transport issues, machinery accident, lock out or any other cases which hinder or prevent the enforcement of the Professional Union's duty; such situations are considered force majeure which allows the organisation to suspend or terminate the contract.
In every instance, the agreed cancellation in one of these cases will not entitle the buyer to any damages; he shall only be able to claim the repayment of the price paid during the placing of the order

10. Certificate of participation

A certificate of participation will be issued for the members who have attended the accredited medical scientific event. The certificate will mention the accreditation number as well as the number of accreditation units, if available.
If not, it is up to the participant to look it up on the INAMI's accreditor's website, where it will be published.

11. Personal data

In the fulfilment of the tasks and activities of the BSR, personal data of members and interested parties are retrieved and kept up to date. The purpose of this data collection is to stay in contact with them and to perform the BSR’s activities as a professional association. This information can also be used for other activities which are closely related to those activities, or in order to provide interested parties with information about those activities.
The collected data are, at least, the identity data, the billing and postal address and all data strictly necessary to perform the activities as a professional association. These data can be disclosed to other stakeholders involved in those activities (including GBS/VBS), in as much as those stakeholders are located within the European Union. Members can access the personal data of other members via the website’s private portal. These data are never disclosed to third parties which are not involved in the execution of the BSR’s activities.
These data are collected and used in compliance with the European and national data protection legislation. They are stored in a paper version and/or in an electronic database, taking into account all the necessary measures to ensure their security. If they are shared, then a secured system for information exchange is used. These data remain stored as long as required for the execution of the BSR’s activities.
By calling upon the BSR’s services, the data subject consents that his/her personal data are processed and used in accordance with the conditions explained above, for as long as these services are used.
The BSR is responsible for the processing of personal data. It is always possible to ask questions on data protection via (such as the purpose of the processing, who has access to the data, which data are processed etc.). It is also possible to ask for the correction of data or even to withdraw consent to processing.
Complaints with respect to the protection of personal data can be submitted via

12. Sponsorship

Any event can be sponsored by a partner.
The amounts paid in that respect shall be invoiced and subject to VAT.

13. No waiver

If the rights of these General Conditions have not been used or if one of the aforementioned obligations or provisions have not been fully enforced, the Professional Union shall not waive these stipulations or obligations for good.
The potential cancellation of one of the provisions of these General Conditions does not affect in any way the validity of the remaining provisions.

14. Election of jurisdiction

The conflicts in direct or indirect relation with the interpretation and/or the enforcement of these provisions are governed by the Belgian law.
In case of a dispute the courts of the Brussels legal district are sole competent.