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BSR-NVvR joint section meeting musculoskeletal radiology

Dear colleagues

Please find herewith the programme of the joint meeting of the musculoskeletal sections of BSR and NVvR on Saturday May 13th, 2023 in the Congress Center of AZ Sint-Maarten in Mechelen, Belgium (9h-12h30).

Registration is free (send e-mail to, but compulsory before April 27, 2023 at the latest. Please indicate whether you would like to attend the lunch. Participation to the walking lunch is no longer guaranteed for registrations after April 27.

08h30-09h00 Registration

09h-9h15 Keynote lecture

MRI of accelerated bone remodeling - Bruno Vande berg (CHC MontLégia, Liège)


A pediatric case with a twist - Juri Aaftink, Pepijn van der Eerden (NWZ Alkmaar)


2 finger cases - Nicolas Careme, Tjeerd Jager (ASZ Aalst)


20-year-old decathlete with acute trauma to the lateral ankle - MRI evaluation - Michiel Van Elsen, Philip Simons (OLV Aalst)


Unusual presentation of a soft tissue sarcoma - Loes Schiphouwer, David Hanff (Erasmus Rotterdam).


Let’s de-liver: two mystery cases from the abdominal section - Catherine Eeckhout Milants, Matthieu Lefere (AZ Imelda Bonheiden)

10h05 -10h15

Turf Toe - Tom Claikens, Philip Simons (OLV Aalst)

10h15 -10h30 Minipaper

Ultrasound measurements of the peroneal tubercle: validation of the normal anatomical measurements and evaluation of the intra- and interobserver reliability - Frederik Bosmans, Filip Vanhoenacker (UZ Antwerpen, AZ Sint-Maarten Mechelen).

10h30-11h00 Coffee break


Bizarre hand lesion - Steven Grauwels (Isala, Zwolle)


A rapidly growing mass in a muscle of the upper extremity: a case of a rare type of myositis - Tom Van der Stricht, M. de Maeseneer (UZ Brussel).


Bilateral lesions of the tibia: a diagnostic enigma - Marije Benedictus (Deventer)


Tumor of the lumbar spine with an unusual pattern of metastatic spread - Lucas Bijnens, Brecht van Berkel, Peter Brys (KULeuven)


Women of stone - Bjorn Valgaeren, Maarten Steyvers (KULeuven)


Neck pain in a child - Aseel Al-Musaedi, Filip Vanhoenacker (AZ Sint Maarten Mechelen)


Unusual case of low back pain - Antoine Vandendriessche, Filip Vanhoenacker, Carine Petré (AZ Sint Maarten Mechelen)


A lump around the hip: clues for the right diagnosis - Eimantas Abelkis, Kirsten van Langevelde, Ana Navas (LUMC, Leiden)


Case discussion - Filip Vanhoenacker (AZ Sint Maarten Mechelen)

12h30- Award session of “best case presentation”

12h35- 13h30 Walking dinner

Accreditation has been requested: n° 23010613

with warm regards

Prof. dr. Filip Vanhoenacker (local organiser), on behalf of prof. dr. Maryam Shahabpour and prof. dr. Jean-Francois Nisolle (chairpersons MSK section BSR), dr. Sander Scholtens and dr. Janneke de Kanter (chairpersons MSK section NVvR).

From May 13, 2023
Until May 13, 2023