YRS Meetings

General Information

We gather several times a year, all meetings are open for fellow radiology residents to join! You are welcome, whether you would want to join the YRS, give us suggestions for future projects or if you just like to have a look and see what the YRS does on a daily basis. We try to find a convenient date and location so everyone in Belgium has a doable commute. Meetings are always midweek and after hours, so if you're not on call you should be able to join. Every meeting we invite a guest speaker to give insights on some of the, to residents less known, radiology-related, topics. These meetings are for the residents that want to be more involved and informed about their training and they give us a state-wide and inter-universitary forum, given our official connection with the BSR. To residents that want to address an issue or propose a topic that could be added to our agenda, send an e-mail to one of the board members ("about us"-page) in advance of our next meeting, even if you're not able to join.

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Venue: UCL Saint-Luc, Hippocrateslaan 10, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lamber, Salles des Cours, Level -2 (Radiology Department).

Guest speaker: TBA