Resident Vacancy in Neuroradiology (2023_26)

UCL Saint Luc

Resident Vacancy in Neuroradiology

University Clinics of Saint-Luc (Brussels, Belgium) is looking for a neuroradiology resident as of September 2023 for a 2-3 year period with the possibility of a permanent contract thereafter

Profile required

• Diplomas in medicine and radiology recognised in Belgium

• “The ability to work as a team member, good communication skills and offering a high standard of clinical opinion” are essential elements



• 4 days a week with a wide range of activities:

-various pathologies of the brain, head and neck and spinal cord

-multimodality imaging (CT, MRI, head and neck ultrasound)

-ultrasound-guided interventional procedures for head and neck pathologies

-weekly multidisciplinary meeting of

neurooncology, head and neck oncology and vascular pathologies

-periodic multidisciplinary endocrinology and epilepsy meetings

-functional MRI

• 1 day a week dedicated to scientific activities

• On call duty: balanced rotation between neuroradiologists


Current Team

- 2 full-time neuroradiologists, consultants


Contact : Pr Thomas Kirchgesner, Head of Department