Financial Overview 2014-2015

Available information



  • Operational result and financial result 2014 are in deficit.

  • Assets on 31/12: € 752.507,12

  • Costs are high due to subscriptions to GBS-VBS and due to the fees of the president and of the representative at ABSyM-BVAS. These costs used to be only for the UNR-NUR and not for SRBR-KBVR.
  • Sponsoring is limited
  • Balance of symposium is positive.
  • Total paying members: 981. Some members have not paid the right amount. Effective recovery rate: 94%.


  • 2015 budget must reach the break-even point.
  • Targets to be decided.
  1. Journal: editors’ wages /e-platform costs.
  2. Symposium
  3. Section meetings.
  4. Sponsoring doctorate, grants
  5. Website development: e-commerce, learning platform
  6. Costs of administration/website coordination
  7. Marketing and image building
  8. ESR and UEMS representation, among others.