BSR 2022 membership renewal

BSR 2022 membership renewal

Dear members,

As you know, BSR memberships are now considerer per calendar year. As such, also in accordance with other societies, memberships for the year 2022 will all end on December 31st, and all 2021 memberships have in the meantime lapsed with one exception.

The date of the annual symposium serves as the threshold for annual memberships for that particular year, in order to enjoy reduced entrance fee to the annual symposium. This also means that everyone who renewed their member starting the day after the annual symposium 2021, Sunday November 21th, has become member for the remaining of 2021 and for the full year of 2022.

We are now ready to proceed for the registration of all members 2022. This can be done online through your user account. In case of any difficulties please contact us. The invoice will appear automatically in your own account.

The individual rates are:

  • 400 € for a regular member
  • 50 € for a radiology resident

Please also consider that group discounts are possible. The discount will depend on the number of members who join our group.

The tiers which apply are:

  • 10%: 10 to 15 members
  • 20%: 16 to 25 members
  • 30%: 26 to 55 members 

Please contact our office or treasurer (details see below) directly for more details regarding your specific situation.

Kind regards,

BSR Office

On behalf of:

  • BSR Board
  • BSR treasurer (
  • BSR management committee
  • BSR Scientific council
  • BSR Young Radiologist section