New BSR website goes Live!

New BSR website goes Live!

Dear colleagues,

More than ever, we live in a connected world. Technology has allowed us to interconnect with each other using all kinds of advanced communication tools, often operating high-tech devices residing just in our back pocket. It goes without saying that in 2020, digital communication has reached new heights of social relevance, and will only further gain in importance in the nearby future.

So far, the BSR has been fairly modest in the development of its digital front end. Our website, which for several years has been serving as our digital front, has dutifully performed its task as an information outlet and online member portal. However, while it once represented our best effort to provide digital services to our members, one cannot deny that after some time there was certainly room for improvement.

As such, during the last six months the newly established BSR management committee, at the directive of the BSR board, has invested significant time and effort together with the required financial resources in the development of a new website. We internally debated how this new website might further improve our standing as a professional medical society, which features it must have in order to perform according to the current standards, and how to present all this in a visually attractive and easy to navigate package. Furthermore, we decided that the delivery of online educational content in its various forms must be one of our core services to our members, providing continuous medical education of the highest professional standards, all made in Belgium of course.

After months of development, we are proud to announce the delivery of the new BSR website.  As you can now experience, this new website will be the start of a new digital age for our society. A fresh new look, together with frequent news updates, a revised member portal, and a completely redesigned educational content section (not yet active), will provide a solid foundation to further enhance the digital presence of Belgian radiology. It will also further support our standing in the medical society.

A trailer for the website can be found here.

We hope that you can appreciate this latest BSR project and would like to welcome you soon to our redesigned website. As always, we would like to hear all your suggestions for further improvement and refinement.


With our best regards,


BSR management committee