Registration problems - YRS & Imaios

A brief review of FAQ we received lately.

Registration problems - YRS & Imaios

Dear all,

The reactivation of existing memberships and the registration of new memberships is proceeding nicely, and we would like to thank everyone for their support. 

However, a few members have experienced registration problems. Also, we have received queries regarding YRS memberhsip and Imaios/Radprimer membership. For you convenience, a brief recapitulation of both topics is now given.


1. Registration problems

The most common error that occurs is when existing members try to renew their membership following the procedure for new members. 

If you are an existing member, could you be so kind to try the following:

1) Go to

2) Register with your e-mail, which should be the mail address that has historically been linked to your BSR account. 

3) You will be prompted to choose a new password, which is mandatory for everyone for security reasons.

In case of persisting problems, please get back to us.


2) YRS - Imaios/Radprimer reduced membership fee

This topic has been adressed in our FAQ-section:  

Every year around February/March, an email is sent to all radiology residents who are a member of the BSR to subscribe for Imaios, RadPrimer or both at a reduced price. For now, Imaios is free and a reduced price for RadPrimer is determined every year in consultation with our correspondent at Elsevier.

Unfortunately, at this time, it is only possible to benefit from this reduction when you subscribe at the time of the mailing in February/March. 

Radiology residents who are not registered as BSR members cannot subscribe for these benefits.