Would you too like to work 2 - 4 weeks in Iceland or the Caribbean?

Would you too like to work 2 - 4 weeks in Iceland or the Caribbean?

Many radiologists in the Netherlands have already worked abroad for a short period. This can easily be combined with your fixed position in the hospital. It's a great way to meet new colleagues and learn a new culture while keeping your job at home. Our service is now also available for Belgian radiologists!

DocAbroad was established several years ago by and for radiologists in the Netherlands with the aim of introducing them to colleagues in other countries and gaining new experiences. We collaborate with several former Dutch colonies, including Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten as well as Iceland, and locums are already possible for a period as short as 2 weeks.

The tasks primarily involve general radiology, and evening and night shifts are often included. Return tickets, apartments, and a car are reimbursed, and there is also an attractive compensation for the work.

Reporting is in English in Iceland and Sint Maarten. In Suriname, Aruba and Curacao reporting is in Dutch, but English is also possible.

Would you like to experience a period of locum work in a foreign hospital?

Feel free to contact us at contact@docabroad.nl.
Please note, especially for the upcoming summer period, we still have many opportunities available in Iceland!